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The White House is silent on whether it will return $5.2 million in donations from the SBF




White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre declined to answer a reporter’s questions about whether United States President Joe Biden would return $5.2 million in campaign donations previously made by FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

“Would the president return this donation?” AP reporter Zeke Miller asked in a newspaper on Dec. 13 instructions“Does he call on all politicians who took campaign donations that may have come from client money to return that money?”

“I’m covered by the Hatch Law,” Jean-Pierre replied, adding that she was “limited by what I can say.”

“Anything related to political contributions, from here I’ll refer you to the DNC,” she said, referring to the Democratic National Committee – the governing body of Biden’s US Democratic Party.

The Hatch Act is a federal law that prohibits employees of the executive branch of government from participating in political campaign activities.

“I’m asking the president’s opinion,” pressed Miller. Jean-Pierre reiterated that they are “covered by the Hatch Act”, adding:

“I can’t talk about political contributions or anything related to that that I can’t talk about from here.”

Miller pressed again for Jean-Pierre’s response to Biden’s opinion that she said she could not talk about “even his opinion, even his thoughts about contributions and donations – I can’t speak.” […] About it here.”

It was Bankman Fried accused of violations of campaign finance laws on December 13, including violations of contributions laws and obstruction of FEC functions, along with making contributions on behalf of others.

it was the The second largest The “CEO Contributor” to Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign with his $5.2 million in donations is behind just $56 million in contributions from media mogul Michelle Bloomberg.

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The founder of FTX has also been a major individual benefactor in the 2022 midterm electionsagain the second largest contributor to the Democratic Party in the cycle with $36.8 million channeled to its nominees.

Public records show Bankman-Fried sent just over $240,000 to Republicans during the midterms, but he admitted to the so-called Dark money donations In a November 16 interview with crypto vlogger Tiffany Fong, he said he had “donated almost likewise to both parties.”

Politicians on the receiving end of Sam Bankman Fried and other FTX executives political donations He may have to return the contributions to the bankruptcy trustee in any case, due to the bankruptcy proceedings.

According to a previous report from Cointelegraph, $73 million worth of political donations from those in FTX may be called upon to pay off the exchange’s failed creditors.

Some politicians have already resorted to donating their money to charities in an attempt to distance themselves from the company and its donations.