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Solana-based market maker integrates Stripe for cryptocurrency trading




Like the Solana ecosystem Returning from aftershocks From the FTX liquidity earthquake, Orca, a leading automated market maker (AMM), has announced a new integration.

AMM has revealed a new Stripe integration that will make it from fiat to crypto onramp Decentralized Finance (DeFi) More accessible to users inside and outside the current ecosystem. This new integration now enables fiat purchases, along with fiat-to-crypto transactions.

Users can now purchase SPL tokens, which include USD Coin (USDC) and Solana (sol) in paper currencies.


According to Ori Kon, co-founder of Orca, the new integration helps provide broader access to economic tools.

“With this new integration, we hope to make participation in the DeFi ecosystem even more accessible for the entire Solana community.”

The Orca integration marks Stripe’s first blockchain-based integration as it continues to venture into the crypto space.

Back in March this year, she announced Support for cash payments for cryptocurrencies and NFTsas well as partnerships with FTX, FTX US,, Nifty Gateway, and Just Mining to launch a crypto business suite.

after a month Worked in collaboration with Twitter To create a USDC-based payout program for creators across the Polygon network.

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This comes in the form of The entire crypto industry chooses itself After the collapse of FTX, the former crypto exchange Power House.

Solana was one of many in the space, who felt the effects of the market chaos. original code, SOL, hit hard With its overall value declining by 32.4% on November 10th.

However, the ecosystem He received encouragement from the key players in the space, like Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwa, to continue building on the value of Solana’s network.

Before this Solana Roadmap unveiled Which included a big partnership with Google Cloud, new Dapp stores, and smartphone plans.