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RobotEra Presale Passes $170K Raised




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following the current encryption In the winter, there were a large number of investors who were thinking about their further investment strategies. The euphoric bull run in 2021 was new to many, making such a long and bearish market seem irretrievable. But the RobotEra Presale has raised a whopping $170,000 amid such adverse circumstances, which has been gaining a lot of momentum in the industry lately. Surprisingly, she made it happen in a matter of weeks.

Cryptocurrencies have had a somewhat difficult situation as an investable asset. The industry was registering less involvement and fear, causing investors to flee with whatever money was left in the market. Despite all this, there still seems to be a direct increase in the number of projects being submitted in the industry. Since 2022, hundreds of dummy projects have been launched claiming to revolutionize various sectors. Unfortunately, a majority of them end up being a cash grab opportunity for developers.

At present, there are only a few projects that have already been adopted by investors, mainly because of their strong products and similar factors. The RobotEra project is one such project that is in high demand. The project has only been announced and it still seems to outperform many other assets when compared.


What is RobotEra?

RobotEra It is one of the largest metaverse projects scheduled for release in 2022. It has one of the strongest products that are on trend, along with a concept that can help the project grow further. As a newly introduced project, RobotEra has already positioned itself as a very promising cryptocurrency.

The concept of RobotEra is similar to the popular game sandbox But an upgraded version of the same thing. The ecosystem is not limited to a simple virtual world that can facilitate trade and economics. Infact, she creatively created a backstory, which appeals to audiences as something more than just another metaverse project.

Basically, RobotEra is built in an environment where robots have human minds, and it’s on a mission to bring a devastated world back to its former glory. There are many components within the ecosystem, which have been carefully created and use cases to support their existence. As a fully integrated project with MetaverseRobotEra intends to provide a common area for users to interact and build connections. The place designated for this is called Central City.

More details

Central City can be used as a place where players can also earn rewards for use on the platform later on. It acts as a home base for the players and provides a safe haven for the players. Players will also be able to purchase land on the platform. This earth NFTs They can then be used to build a business that can serve as an excellent source of passive income for the owners. However, in order to buy land on the RobotEra platform, owning a Robot NFT is vital. The NFT bot is a metaverse avatar that the user can use to interact with the platform.

The developers also stated that RobotEra will look to enhance its project’s functionality and look for upgrades that can help users more and cause the project itself to grow. One such feature that is set to be incorporated into the platform is the ability for players to host other NFTs they own into the RobotEra metaverse.


RobotEra pre-sale exceeds 170k

The RobotEra pre-sale has been nothing short of an impressive success so far, and there are several reasons for that. Confidence is one of the most important factors. The contract code for the project is fully audited by Sharkteam, while the team and project are KYC verified by Coinsniper. Naturally, this move made users able to park their money in the project without worrying about security.


The RobotEra pre-sale started a few days ago and has already raised over $178K in TARO tokens. The native token TARO has seen a huge increase in demand after the project features on several crypto websites such as Yahoo Finance, business community 2Bitcoinist etc.

As of now, it is evident that the project has a huge community that is growing in number every day. All this indicates that the TARO project may be due to a significant price increase in the coming days.

Where to buy TARO tokens?

TARO tokens are currently in a pre-sale stage, which means that investors cannot purchase tokens from exchanges. Instead, they have to get the tokens from the RobotEra website itself. However, investors will not be able to access the tokens until the pre-sale ends. Only after the whole process is over will the tokens be deposited into the user’s wallets.

Buying tokens from the website is a very simple task and it will only require one person to have a crypto wallet and some ETH or USDT in it. Pre-sale tokens can be purchased in 3 simple steps-

  • Step 1 – Go to the official RobotEra page and click the “Buy Now” button. The page that appears will have an option for the user to connect their cryptocurrency wallets. Choose the wallet to use to buy TARO tokens.
  • Step 2 – Once the wallet is connected to the RobotEra website, fill in the details regarding the number of tokens required, and select the cryptocurrency to exchange. Currently, TARO tokens can be purchased with USDT or ETH. Once you’ve filled in the information, click Purchase Codes.
  • Step 3 – After buying, investors are expected to wait until the pre-sale ends. On the expiry date, the tokens purchased will be deposited directly into the user’s wallet.


As a completely market capturing project that has gained a lot of momentum recently, RobotEra may be looking forward to significant gains in the coming weeks. Since the TARO tokens are still on their pre-sale, investors also won’t have to worry about price drops, at least until the pre-sale ends. While the token may hit, it has registered an upward trend if one considers the increase in demand the project has seen recently.

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