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Listen! Cointelegraph launches crypto podcasts, starting with 4 shows




Bored on a long trip? Want something to listen to while doing housework? Cointelegraph has something your ears might enjoy: Cointelegraph Podcasts, a new section of the website featuring crypto podcasts. The section will start with four shows: command hashAnd the Cryptocurrency trading secretsAnd the NFT Steez And the agenda.

Listeners can start exploring now, as each show has released two episodes – one teaser trailer and a full episode. After the initial launch, each podcast will post new episodes on specific days of the week. Some shows will post weekly episodes, while others will begin releasing content every two weeks before moving to weekly episodes. People can peek all the details for each show by going to the Cointelegraph Podcasts homepage.

Check out the Cointelegraph Podcast page.

I wonder what to expect from the new productions?

sponsored Elisha Owusu-AkyawAnd the command hash It features interviews with thought leaders and trendsetters from the blockchain sector, and touches on the global impact of Web3, the metaverse, and Bitcoin (BTC) and other topics within the crypto and blockchain space.

Cryptocurrency trading secretssponsored Benjamin Pyrrhus, covers topics related to cryptocurrency trading and investing and centers around conversations with guests, who are primarily cryptocurrency traders and investors. Each episode generally features the guest sharing their thoughts on the crypto market, background, trading methods, and views on potential upcoming crypto market trends.

sponsored Alyssa Exposito And the Ray SalmondAnd the NFT Steez Takes a closer look at the intersection of cryptocurrency and culture. Anything under the Web3 umbrella or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is fair game for discussion in this podcast, which features conversations with artists, thought leaders, and builders in the space.

agendawith the hosts Jonathan de Young and Ray Salmond, for making Web3, crypto, and the blockchain relatable for everyday people. The duo interviews Web3 builders and leaders on various topics to unveil how space can help people’s lives. From genius programmers and venture capitalists to grocery store clerks and baristas, this podcast is for everyone.

Cointelegraph Podcasts have it its dedicated pagebut each show is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and TuneIn.

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