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Game developers expect to work on Web3 games in the future: survey



As blockchain games gain wider adoption, 3 out of 4 game developers expect to work on Web3 game projects in the future, according to a recent survey.

Blockchain entertainment company Coda Labs has run a survey targeting game developers to give a sneak peek into their thoughts on Web3. After conducting the survey, the researchers found that the majority of respondents believe that Web3 games are on their way to their companies. 75% of respondents expect to work on Web3 projects in the future.

Apart from this, more than half of the survey participants believe that Web3 will revolutionize the gaming industry. Some believe that Web3 will have an impact in terms of user acquisition and retention. 40% expect Web3 implementation will bring in more new users, while 36% believe Web3 integration will enable games to better retain users.

Sekip Can Gökalp, CEO and founder of Coda Labs, also commented on the results of the survey. Gökalp noted that the potential for Web3 games is always debated, but the positive side for developers is always evident. He explained that:

“This survey shows that the majority of developers have already immersed themselves in Web3 game development, driven by benefits such as additional funding, new revenue streams, and player retention.”

Apart from acquiring and retaining new users, developers are also aware that Web3 brings in new revenue streams. 47% of the respondents confirmed that one of the main benefits of Web 3 is Non-fungible token (NFT) sales, while 43% believe in cryptocurrency as a source of additional revenue.

However, not everyone is convinced that Web3 is here to stay. The survey results also show that 32% of respondents think that Web3 games are just a fad and won’t be around for long.

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While the developers who participated in the survey believe in NFT tokens and crypto as new sources of revenue, another survey recently showed that Players are more interested in earning Bitcoin (BTC) while playing games.