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Crypto spam bots fall silent while Musk promises to sue scammers




Elon Musk’s latest salvo in his war against Twitter’s crypto spamware appears to be making some real impact, with the crypto community reporting a significant drop in the number of responses to their posts from bots.

On December 11th MailTwitter’s CEO hinted that “the bots are in for a surprise tomorrow” and later clarified that they had found a small number of people behind a large number of bot/troll accounts and that the platform would lock down IP addresses of “known bad actors”.

Then he followed up with an explanation While scammers might try Other ways to circumvent IP bans, Twitter will also “shut them down as soon as they appear.”

Shibtoshi Nakamoto, pseudonym of Billy Marcus, co-founder of the meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE)he told Musk on Dec. 11 Mail“,” I did a test post and instead of seeing 50 responses from the bot, I only saw one big progress, very big publicity.

Other users also went to test Musk’s latest changes. PlanB, a Bitcoin (BTC) The analyst and investor posted a chart to see how many bots would respond to the post. At the time of this writing, no responses from the bots have appeared in the comments.

Vitalik Buterin, also one of the co-founders of Ethereum, noted that while “Twitter seems to be *marginally* better to use lately,” he can’t tell if there is a drop in bots due to Musk.


“No idea how to separate the things Elon has done for crypto-winter versus mentally imagining changes that aren’t really there,” he said.

Some reported that bot responses still appeared in posts, but were very quickly removed by the platform.

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Twitter spam and scams have been an epidemic on the platform and Musk has counted it as one of its platforms Twitter’s top priority After taking command in Oct.

In his latest post, Musk also hinted that the platform aims to take legal action against Twitter scammers in the future, though no additional details were provided.


“Twitter will also move to go after scammers anywhere on earth,” he said.